We are Summer

An Inner West music and visual collective

We are a multidisciplinary creative studio, record label, and arts collective in Newtown, Australia. We write, record and produce records. We direct music videos, installations and interactive experiences. We throw parties. We release music into the world, and make it as immersive as possible. At Summer it's all about collaboration and experimentation. Because that's what we're in to. For project enquiries please contact hello@summersydney.com

We are based in a fully equipped recording and production studio, on King St in the heart of Newtown. Here we can do everything from record music (from tracking, producing, mixing to delivery) to small scale photography and video shoots. (3 cycloramas, in-house lighting) to film editing and post production.

We work with a network of amazing talanet, both locally and globally. We have a small core team, and a large network of speacialised freelance collaborators so we can scale to fit any job.

Josh Graham


Josh Graham is a multi promax award winning director, originally from the Blue Mountains, Australia. Josh lives and breathes music, and started Summer for that reason. Josh has always strived to make music more immersive and multisensory, and in the last few years has directed 7 interactive music videos, and from concept to final execution, brought Enerate's Interactive Visual Album 'Good Times Airlines' app to life. Josh is also our lead music producer, Josh works with bands, artists and top liners.

Sebastien Lecocq


Originally from Bordeaux in France, Seb also lives for music. From his college days where he worked as a live engineer, mixing bands, and putting on Festivals around the country, to now, bringing the first Interactive Visual Album by Enerate to life. Seb is a coding mastermind, and can create anything you throw at him. He specialises in HTML, CSS, Jquery, Javascript, PHP, and mobile dev.